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5/11 - 5/11

Paula Stewart Warren: City Directories: So, You Think You Know ALL About City Directories?

9:00am - 11:00am
Holly History Center

Do you know how and when the material was collected for the “annual” city directories? The

differences in the early ones? How to use them for the history of businesses, owners, and other

entities? Most are thick books listing the heads of household with address and occupation; later

the spouse and adult children appear. Add business listings and ads plus government agencies,

relief agencies, civic and religious organizations, and other listings and you have a goldmine of

information. What about the unique directories that serve as a census, tell of military service,

where someone moved to, include fake names, and provide clues to vital records? The

problems with some digitized directories, issues with the canvassing for listings, and the sales

pushes that occurred will be covered. I’ll share the rewards of in-depth sleuthing in the

directories, their compilation, some surprises, and obvious and hidden places to find them



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